The Proud Archivist

  • Ben Kindler
  • Oliver Marlow

Branding for The Proud Archivist, a restaurant and venue based in the Kingsland Basin, London. The venue’s name is inspired by the floor to ceiling library that will over time archive every show, exhibition and seasonal chef that resides there. The Proud Archivist’s identity is complex and is based on hundreds of years of archiving tools. Referencing archives of paper, digital and extinct medias to create the look and feel. For example, libraries, city records (once paper and now digital) to the BFI’s VHS and reel to reel archive. These references feature on all printed collaterals, as well as the signage and stationery from the letterhead to proposal packages. The wordmark was created from an old typewriter. Several attempts were scanned and manipulated to get the desired result. Work completed at Studio TILT.