The Royal Opera House

My self initiated brief focused on creating a new visual identity for the Royal Opera House. Using sound and sound visualisation as its main idea, I took select arias from each of the different operas and converted them into waveforms and dots. These individual pieces of imagery were then over printed to create musical patterns.

I created a series of posters which use the waveforms from each aria in their simplest form, using dynamic typography and layout to create eye catching, visual posters.
More complex visual posters would also be interactive, in public spaces, reacting to the natural sounds in the environment. These interactive posters would also feature in the Royal Opera house in Covent garden and viewers would be able to listen to the piece of music relating to each waveform.

In order to make the opera more accessible for young people I have proposed that contemporary fashion designers would produce costumes for main performers. Extra performers would wear shirts designed with hand crafted, embroidered buttons and other elements that relate to that operas visual identity.

Each opera has a main colour scheme and uses four different gradients of that main colour. These are to represent the four main themes listed in each of the different operas. This aims to give the audience a better understanding of what they will be seeing before they go.

The identity aims to be versatile, easy to replicate and individual to each different opera, as the imagery relates to each individual song.

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Hannah Broom

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Hannah Broom
Designer | Maker