• Henrietta Thompson
Once upon a time we used to stop work each year to concentrate on the really serious business of celebrating the season’s most important social events. Parliament was shut, households decamped from the country to take residence at London's finest addresses, and couture houses buzzed in preparation as the great and the good sifted through the most sought after invitations in the world. The Season was the only thing that mattered.

The modern British social calendar has evolved to reflect a contemporary diversity, more international, more exciting, surprising and eclectic than ever before. Today’s bright young things like to mix it up from Ascot to the East End and Glyndbourne to Glastonbury. In London and beyond.

From fashion to culture, the greatest sporting events to the smallest secret gatherings, three of London’s most legendary hotels are woven into the fabric of this social spectacular. Claridge’s, the Connaught and the Berkeley have always played host during the Season and today sees them as the modern Master of Ceremonies. Sitting firmly at the centre of this whirl of activity the Maybourne hotels skilfully capture the moment as the world descends to enjoy the best social events this island has to offer.

And so, who better to provide a commentary and critique of the rich pickings of the new social calendar? Wherever you are in the world, step this way for the must-have guide to who’s who, what’s what and where’s hot with a wealth of stories, tip-offs and tit-bits.

Welcome to the modern British social calendar.

Welcome to The Season.