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The SOLA System +Siblings is a 6 month online coaching + course + community for neurodivergent creatives with autistic traits, who are seeking self clarity and the supportive context to increase agency, energy and visibility, for personal and creative success.

Visit to learn more, book a 1:1 coaching consultation, or to join the free +Siblings discord server.
“…one of the most healing experiences of my life so far, and the impact has been enormous and incredibly positive. I remember on many occasions feeling so many lightbulbs activate within my body where folx within the group relayed experiences that totally resonated with my own… one of the most radical environments that I have ever been part of.” - Rebekah Ubuntu

“SOLA Siblings has made me realize that I am not alone and has helped solidify the trajectory of ideas about the collective future for me. Additionally, it has given me the tools to manifest/physically accomplish the things that have been ruminating and resting only in dreams.” - Logan Ridenour-Starnes

“…a beautiful and nourishing experience and has truly helped me so much… It's the first time I felt someone has really done the research to ground this kind of work in scholarship and lived experience so transparently and clearly.” - Hestia Peppe

“SOLA Siblings is the home base, safe space, and launching pad we all need and deserve. It doesn't exist anywhere else, and it's life-changing…” - Bonnie J Stinson

“..feels like one of the most important things that I've ever done, and you and the siblings have already helped me connect with myself and make changes to my life in a way that I will remember forever…- Laurie

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