The Spoof TV Commercial that ended up more successful than the one we were filming!

  • Alan Firmin

In my career as a Creative Director, one of my responsibilities was creating and producing TV campaigns for major brands. One brand I worked on when at FCB, was OREO. After the filming of our latest commercial, called the 'Sippy Cup' for the Middle East market, was finally wrapped after a long day of filming a colleague and I created a spoof (joke) version that ended up going viral around the world inside the offices of OREO, Kraft.

The spoof version came about after a long day of shooting the commercial with Global Creative Director Robert 'Bob' Newman. Bob mentioned to me that when he was younger they used to have time to create a spoof or joke version of the commercial they were filming. I loved the idea and said, "Let's Do it!"
Walking up to the set after we had told the director, Bob asked me what we could do. I asked if he had any ideas and he said he wasn't sure. I then whispered an idea in his ear which he looked at me as though I was mad. After three times asking if i was sure about the idea we began filming.

The first video below is the actual finsihed commercial that was aired all over the Middel East over 10 years ago. The second video below, the spoof version, was shown to the OREO team in a meeting and they sent it to the global OREO Directors who insitsted that every OREO meeting around the world play these videos before any creative meeting for the OREO brand, which I was informed did happen for a while.