Alan Firmin

Alan Firmin

Founder & CEOLondon, United Kingdom
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Alan Firmin

Alan Firmin

Founder & CEOLondon, United Kingdom
About me
HIGHLIGHTS: • Youngest Creative Director for Grey Worldwide at 26 in 1995. • Over 30 International Awards in Branding, Advertising, and Digital Marketing. • B2B & B2C Global Marketing Experience. • Organically grew a brand’s social media following to 1.9m. • Taught Digital Marketing Strategy for an MBA course at London University. • Speaker at many global events on emerging media including New York, London (Google HQ) & Dubai. • Selected multiple times for FCB’s “Creative Rumble” team working on pitches and major brands such as Coca Cola, Nissan, IKEA, New Zealand Milk & Gatorade. • An entrepreneurial-minded individual who founded a start-up in the collecting sector. • Advised on a number of global start-ups in different sectors at various stages of development. • Highly proficient in Creative Cloud tools. (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) • Proposed and implemented a strategy within Dana that created over £1.5m in additional Revenue. • Guest writer for a technology blog with 150,000 visitors a day. • Guest writer on ‘The Andy Jacobs Marketing Blog’ (Voted one of the top 100 Marketing Blogs in the world). • Developed social media strategies and trained teams in the Dubai & Abu Dhabi governments. • Created a proprietary tool (Area of Influence) for social media used by a leading digital marketing agency 2011. • Street Photographer who is exhibiting in 9 global exhibitions including Barcelona, Melbourne, Lisbon, Milan, and Birmingham. • Developed a marketing strategy that grew Bridgeman over £1m in sales each year for three years.
  • New Agency launch: TRIBALHEART
    New Agency launch: TRIBALHEARTI have launched a new agency in London called Tribalheart. I work with creatives, strategists, and marketers all over the world and have a wealth of experience in all areas of branding, advertising, social media, SEO, and all digital. If you are looking for any work in the area of digital, marketing, advertising, Social Media, or SEO please let me know. Thank you, Alan. LAUNCH OFFER: FREE SEO AUDIT
  • Rebrand for Purple Umbrella Training
    Rebrand for Purple Umbrella TrainingI have been working with a number of startups during the lockdown and took the opportunity to rebrand a friend's business for them called Purple Umbrella Training. A female entrepreneur that offers training for First Aid, Fire Safety, Crisis Management, and many more courses.
  • #BlackoutTuesday (POEM)
    #BlackoutTuesday (POEM)As the wheels turn, we all wait for news, Filtering out, everyone’s differing views, But one clear voice, echoes strong & clear, We are all together, and it’s time you hear, We blacked out Tuesday, not for fun, But because, that’s it; we are done! No more pandering, no violence at all, We all stand together, Is everyone’s call, The world is sick, and tired of hate, Discrimination, is way out of date, It has no place, in 2020, You leave us so very, broken and empty, That this discussion, is still
    WE ALL CAN'T BREATHEA poem about George Floyd #RIP
    LOCKDOWN IMAGES FROM LONDONI had to go out during the lockdown for work and managed to use the opportunity to capture some of the empty streets in major London areas. I have always loved doing street photography but this was too good an opportunity to miss. I post every day on Instagram together with a poem a day: @alanfirmin
    ANGELS ON EARTH - THE MOVIEI'd like you to see the final short film: ANGELS ON EARTH We tried to get some footage of the Nurses, doctors and Ambulance crews but for obvious reasons, we could do that. Please share with anyone you think this will help generate more awareness for the NHS. And thank you for all your support! Take care.
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Projects credited in
  • All aboard! Bridgeman license images for Fred Olsen ship interiors
    All aboard! Bridgeman license images for Fred Olsen ship interiorsBridgeman Studio artists Louisa Hereford and Lincoln Seligman have had their images licensed for the stunning interiors of Fred Olsen cruise ships - Project Managed by Georgina Angless
    TOP ART EXHIBITIONS AND SHOWS: FEBRUARY 2020Here are some of the highlights in February's art exhibition calendar. Which ones are do you want to see?
  • Inspiration: Pantone’s Colours of Spring/Summer 2020
    Inspiration: Pantone’s Colours of Spring/Summer 2020With excitement buzzing around Pantone’s recent release of their colours for Spring/Summer 2020, we looked through each of the shades, how they are represented in the Bridgeman Archive, and some of the connotations that surround them. The spring/summer 2020 colour palette offers a wide variety of shades, from the overtly vibrant in ‘Biscay Green’ and ‘Flame Scarlet’ to the more muted, earth-toned shades such as ‘Cinnamon Stick’ and ‘Chive’. Through this broad range of distinctive hues there is
  • Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 Winner: Ken Nwadiogbu Interview
    Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 Winner: Ken Nwadiogbu InterviewKen Nwadiogbu (b. 1994, Lagos, Nigeria) creates innovative drawings on various surfaces as he challenges and investigates Black socio-political structures and issues while engaging in multidisciplinary modes of storytelling. Inspired by issues relating to those around him, he began creating works that reflect their struggles, with hopes of making a change in his community.
  • We go behind the scenes of the Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 – ‘The Art of Diversity’ judging
    We go behind the scenes of the Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 – ‘The Art of Diversity’ judgingPartnering with Verizon Media for the 6th Annual Bridgeman Studio Award, the theme this year was ‘The Art of Diversity’, a cause championed by Verizon through previous campaigns which sparked interest from artists across the globe. As the fastest growing contemporary art competition for artists, illustrators, and fine art photographers, we expected a good response but have been overwhelmed with both the quality and quantity of entries for this year’s theme.
    BRIDGEMAN STUDIO AWARD 2019Launching 5th October 2019, to celebrate Black History month in the UK and promoting the Art of Diversity, the international Bridgeman Studio Award is sponsored this year by Verizon Media. To enter visit
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Work history
    Founder & CEOTribalheart
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind. We are not an agency. At least not in the typical sense. We’re a group of pure problem solvers. And we use the best of our technical know how and expertise to build tribes around a single hardworking idea. Nothing is more capable of creating change more than a tribe of passionate supporters and consumers of your brand or product. Tribalheart provides clients creative, strategic and effective: * Advertising * Art Direction * Brand Audit * Brand Consulting * Brand Development * Brand Strategy * Campaign Development * Copywriting * Digital Strategy * Email Marketing * Graphic Design * Marketing Strategy * Marketing Planning * Marketing Management * Packaging * SEO * SEM * Social Media Strategy * Social Media Management * UI/UX Design * Wireframes (website/Apps)
    Bridgeman Images logo
    Bridgeman Images logo
    Chief Marketing OfficerBridgeman Images
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer for the leading rights managed supplier of art, culture and historical images and footage. • New business development and acquisition • Brand and marketing strategy • Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. • Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures. • Development, strategy and, management of 6 core brands • Leading new business initiatives • Client visits and presentations • Training for marketing and sales teams • Leading the internal creative development and execution of all marketing and advertising materials • Content management and calendar creation • Email marketing strategy • Social Media strategy and management • Event management • Keynote presentations at global conferences • Creative strategy and design for all creative marketing and advertising
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