Would you like to be in a short film that is being made to show the NHS how proud we are of them?

I created a website with a range of products I designed to sell to raise money for the NHS charity Guardian Angels. On my profile or at LovinLondon.org you can find all the information.

I have been approached by a Film Director who wants to make the ANGELS ON EARTH POEM into a short film.

Today he was out filming the empty streets of London and wants to use the Angels on Earth poem over the visuals.

Do you want to be in the film?

The Director wants people to record themselves reading the poem and he will cut in the different people saying a line of the poem. the Director will have final say on who is in the final edit.


If you are interested in being in the ANGELS ON EARTH short film please put your name in the comments and I will make a list so we know all the people who are interested.

This short film will be used to show the Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff what we all think of them, about how proud we are of them and how muuch we are behing them as they face this virus for us.

What do you say, Do you want to be in a movie to help the NHS?

The director has made a quick edit recording himself reading the poem, just so you can have an idea on the speed he is looking for to read it. It is password protected, the password is here:

ROUGH EDIT: https://lnkd.in/gfSqixm
Password: logicvideo

Anyone can participate in just recording your voice reading the poem, the more variety and diversity of accents would be great.


Here is the poem so you can familiarise yourself with it. Any questions please comment or send me a message. Thank you, Alan.

This poem goes out, to those tonight,
On the battlefront, of this virus fight,
The Hospital staff & wonderful nurses,
Doctors, surgeons, & ambulance service,
They are the fearless, guardians we trust,
Into the forefront, they have been thrust,
They never asked, to be heroes at all,
But they will always, answer our call,
To go to work, knowing the dangers,
Just to help out, absolute strangers,
It’s the form of courage, our respect for you,
Couldn’t be greater, for what it is you do,
We know it’s not easy, we haven’t a clue,
Our thanks feels little, but our gratitude true,
So I say to you nurses, doctors and staff,
Into the breach, once more you’re draft,
Wings on your shoulders, we all salute you,
You angels on earth, go do what you do.


  • @Zoe Newton Kisly please do so Zoe. You can record your audio and send it to Lovinlondonuk@gmail.com - if you want to help other than the voice over let me know in the same email. Take care Alan
  • This sounds like a lovely project - if only I wasn't camera shy... Hope it turns out great :)!
  • @Sir John Hegarty Dear Mr hegarty, If you are interested in being on the board to help raise more awareness I would be honoured! I am also workung with people in different countries to roll out the ide afor key woorers everywhere. Australia and New Zealand are currnetly being worked on but I am looking for something in America. Would you know anyone in your network that could help? Very much appreciated!

  • @Sir John Hegarty Thank you Mr Hegarty, you have no idea what that means coming from you! I've been a huge fan all my career of you and your work. Thank you! Take care Alan
  • @Erica Von Stein The director wants as many diferent accents as possible so please do Eric! Appreciate your kind words and support! Take care, Alan
  • Beautiful idea. Would love to get involved if you need any Scottish accents.

  • @Salim Abid It would be great to have you on board Salim! Please record yourself reading the poem and and send it to LOVINLONDONUK@GMAIL.COM

    Thank you!

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