The Time Is Now - Mass Lobby with the Climate Coalition

  • Mink Boyce

In June 2019 more than 12,000 people gathered outside the houses of parliament to lobby MPs and call for urgent action against the climate crisis. We worked with the Climate Coalition to come with a visual installation that communicated key message from the lobby and encouraged audience participation. Using fully sustainable materials we designed and constructed 3D letters, spelling out the phrase 'ACT NOW!'. Throughout the day we co-ordinated 40 ambassadors to distribute seed tags throughout the crowd, printed with the half finished phrase: "I want to see a world where...". Lobbyists and school groups were given the opportunity to fill in their own messages and pin them to the letters, later to be seen and read by MPs. Towards the end of the afternoon the phrase "ACT NOW!" was paraded throughout the crowd, visualising more than 4000 individual messages from attendees. At the end of the event the seed tags were de-installed and planted at a National Trust property, as a metaphor for future change.