The Truth

A campaign for The Sunday Times based on the fact that it is the only newspaper that can be quoted in a court of law. The use of the oath promises the audience that reliable news is worth paying for. Brief: Create a campaign that persuades young people to pay for reliable news. Idea: The Times is the only news source that can be quoted in a court of law. Using the oath, the campaign promises to tell the truth, presenting the idea that reliability is worth paying for. The print and digital advertising addresses multiple issues, targeting a wider audience with topics that directly affect them. Shareable social media stories relevant to live news make the campaign relatable and spark conversation amongst the younger audience, suggested by the hashtag trend #KnowTheTruth to be used across social media. Our design choices reflect the branding of The Sunday Times with the recognizable Times New Roman typeface, along with a slight grain effect and newspaper registration marks, crossing the traditional newspaper with the digital platform. Collaboration with Elsa Rakel Olafsdottir and Gee Sewell for D&AD New Blood 2019.