The Veil

  • Finbar Somers
  • Sean Mackey

Short Film

Shaken by the sudden death of her husband, Maria is taken by her lover James to his remote home in the countryside. The house is cold and uninviting, and encircled by an overgrown forest. As James tries to entice her into starting anew with him, a sense of overwhelming dread takes ahold of Maria. She starts to think that something out there is watching her.

Director: Finbar Somers
Written by: Harry Soutter & Finbar Somers
Producer: Amy Vearncombe
Director of Photography: Sean Mackey
Production Designer: Sarah Baumeler
Production Manager: Emily Thornhill
Gaffer: Luke Greenan
1st Assistant Camera: Billy Tymon
Production Assistants: Hannah Melish, Laura Ingram
Sound Designer: Lily Hambly
Sound Assistant: Ewan Marshall-Atherton
Editors: Finbar Somers & Matthew Fearney


Rosie Dunjay
Jacob Anderton

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