The Walking Dead Season 10 Title Sequence

  • Linda Scerpella

I had the pleasure of working with the team at Huge Designs on the latest title sequence for The Walking Dead Season 10. I primarily worked on the new scenes that were introduced based on the previous season, as well as adding new easter egg elements into existing scenes.

In order of appearance:

0:07 I designed Oceanside, Kingdom and Alexandria stained glass windows and added them to the existing tree scene. The design was done in Illustrator and imported into Cinema 4D and rendered using Octane. Comping was done in After Effects.

0:10 I added the pike on the right of the tree.

0:19 I added the second sword as well as the fire on the trees. The sword was rendered out in Cinema 4D and comped in After Effects. The fire was added in Cinema 4D.

0:26 I have created the entire bridge scene, which leads to the explosion.

0:36 I added the pikes with the heads on them.