This Is For The Girls Who Are Carrying The World On Their Shoulders

  • Ruby Dhal

This article was a sponsored post for for the Thought Catalog as part of their collaboration with 'The Wilds' team, a new show on Amazon Prime that explores the idea of a group of girls being left to survive on their own on a deserted island.

A few short snippets from the article are as follows:

"Dot isn’t your quintessential teenage girl with nails painted bright pink and a Starbucks coffee in her hand.
Dot is fierce. She is balled up fists and eyebrows scrunched together, with confidence dripping off her like a cape. She’s firm, courageous, and responsible. So, when she gets stranded on an isolated island with other girls her age, what does she do?

She takes control."

"I was stranded on the dark island of my first healing journey after the plane of love, laughter, and family came crashing down when I was just 4. The tremendous growth that this experience instilled in me has contributed vastly to the person that I’ve become today.

Aside from emotional maturity, I also developed a strong sense of control."

"During moments of despair, personalities like Dot’s are looked to for comfort and security. Because when you’ve witnessed more than enough in your yesteryears, what’s the difference between a deserted island and an empty room where there’s nothing but your insecurities, fears, and anxieties staring back at you?"