This what our beloved clients say about us

  • Fabien Soazandry
  • Toby Rogers

Founded in 2006, Invisible Frames is a London-based production company led by a dedicated team of film industry professionals. With a clear commitment to producing audiovisual content, Invisible Frames communicate both corporate and entertainment campaigns, documentary films and shorts to the consumer. The organisation is funded by the Tim Campbell Bright Ideas Trust, and brings together a select team of producers, engineers, coordinators, cinematographers, CGI artists and editors to cover all aspects of exceptional video production. Delivering bespoke internal and external communications, Invisible Frames specialising in expert project design, camera operation, CGI, VFX and motion graphics. The IF team have over twenty years industry experience and are set apart by their extensive skill set, artistic flare and sound understanding of marketing and branding. Current clients include Channel 4, BBC, MTV, Nike, Google and Festival de Cannes. With a strong expert team on hand, you will look forward to guaranteed quality results.