Thriller | Dvujanic | Letitia Hector | Written & Directed by Fabien Soazandry #RandomActs

  • LeoGami Densetsu NO

On there way home after 'date night' an unsuspecting couple come across something a little spooky and strange. Will their dance moves be enough to save them from what's lurking in the shadows? Client: Channel 4 Random Act Writer: Fabien Soazandry Director: Fabien Soazandry Director of Photography: Yana Rits Cairns Producers: Fabien Soazandry, Victor Addendum Series Producer: Vanessa Van-Yeboah Executive Producer: Lawrence Lartey #RandomActs #ShortFilm #Comedy Thank you for watching, get in touch with us: Check out our website: Follow us: Twitter: @TheIFCompany Instagram: @TheIFCompany Facebook: Invincible Frames Google plus: Invincible Frames Linkedin: Invincible Frames