Tim Walker’s “Wonderful things” V&A exhibition

Sound design & Music curation

This exhibition is a spectacular journey through the uniquely creative mind of Tim Walker, one of the world’s leading photographers. For the exhibition, Tim has taken inspiration from V&A objects to inform his new work, which includes photographs, short films, and photographic sets.   Upon entering the exhibition galleries, visitors will feel transported to a spectacular, unexpected space. This immersive atmosphere will encourage visitors to feel they are entering Walker’s imagination or being led on a creative journey by the photographer.
When the visitor passes from the bright Gallery 38a into the vast, darker and larger Gallery 38, they are stepping into a universe that holds 10 different worlds, Each universe has been represented by ethereal soundscapes that breathes and enhances feelings of beauty and the unknown.
Rising above this soundscape in selected areas are more defined melodic sounds. Due to the space being interconnected with no celling, it was important during our process to constantly keep in mind that, if they bleed into each other, this blurring will only add to the melting pot and cross-fertilization of ideas.
For ease of conceptualizing, we created a 3D Simulation of the sound design and music in space, making each step of the process more tangible.

3d model by Kit Stiby Harris.