Toca Me 2023

  • Tina Touli

It all started from the name of the festival itself, TOCA ME. TOCA ME stands for “touch me” in Spanish. And “touch” can have multiple different meanings, from getting in touch with people to touching someone on an emotional level as well as in the literal sense. Touching is the ultimate form of communication, and a very intimate and personal act of connecting with one another. Basing the overall concept for the titles on the festival’s name, it opened up a world of possibilities, exploring the extremes between touching and not touching! Using this idea as a guide, we experimented with the different ways of exploring touch: through a series of textures and materials, we created titles that directly appeal to the senses, immersing the viewer to experience them, each one in their own unique way. A constant dialogue, where windows and split screens allow the different materials to give way to new conversations.

↳ Client: Toca Me
↳ Creative Direction: Tina Touli
↳ Concept & Production: Tina Touli & Pia Scheiber
↳ Music & Sound Design: Jürgen Branz & Andy Morgan-Davies
↳ Post-production, Graphics & 3D Lettering: Tina Touli
↳ 3D Texturing & Lighting: Vincent Schwenk
↳ Performing Artist: Konstantina Katsikari
↳ Typeface Contribution: Good Type Foundry