Today’s highlights from London Fashion Week’s online platform

  • Rosie Fitter

THE digital-only format of this June’s digital London Fashion Week has not limited its rich and diverse nature – Glass explores todays multi-faceted presentations, shows and events.

James Massiah: Clio Corset
The British Fashion Council have commissioned the poet James Massiah, who conducted a heartfelt piece from his sun-washed garden. A beautiful tribute to clothes, Clio corsets, parties, London nightlife and the loves and friendships he has missed during lock-down. Massiah ended on an anticipation of life post-lockdown, returning to his much-loved pastimes and yearning for normality.

Lou Dalton: In Conversation
Lou Dalton lead a conversation with Mark Neville, Gordon Richardson and Stuart Williamson. The group discussed their previous and forthcoming collaborations as they sat in their respective homes wearing Dalton’s latest collection. Watching this discussion was like sitting in on the conversation of a group of friends – all having worked together in the past.
They reflected on their creative experiences in lock-down, the ups and downs it had entailed, and how they were looking to the future for a brighter and better fashion community. Dalton finished by announcing her new look book she will soon launch which embodies her signature style, reflective of a working-class narrative.

Nicholas Daley The Abstract Truth Film
Nicholas Daley’s The Abstract Truth Film premiered on the London Fashion Week platform. A fast-paced experience of Afrofuturism set to the backdrop of a drum solo – the glitched, psychedelic film captured Daley’s pioneering show from January earlier this year.

Ahluwalia Jalebi London Fashion Week also launched Ahluwalia Jalebi. Jalebi, being the title of Ahluwalia’s latest book and 3D VR exhibition. By a VR portal, you can view Ahluwalia’s exhibition in an airy virtual space – looking in detail at her work which explores her own narrative as a young mixed-heritage person living in Britain today. The exhibition speaks of relevant, pressing issues in a tapestry of diversity and the enriching properties of diaspora on our lives and


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