Topshop Live Brief 'EXCESSMAS'

  • Jane Catterson

Christmas is the time to be bold with fashion, to go colourful, textured and larger than life. What if we mixed all these elements together? Combining all the elements of the glitz and glamour of holiday fashion (sequins, fur, velvet, animal print, neon colours, lace and so on), to create an immersive brand experience. This was a live brief set by Topshop for Manchester School of Art 2nd year Graphic Design students 2019.

This is the main visual for the campaign, using layering and collage to reflect the concept of combining all the elements that make up Topshop’s christmas collections. All clothing used in the visuals is Topshop’s own to ensure brand continuity. The dimensions are set so that the visual can be manipulated for Topshop’s website.
For the main social media posts on instagram I wanted the main excessmas visual to be split across the different grids creating one larger image. This allows you to get more detail in the collage and also relates to be idea of excessive wear and consumption.
I have also created a variety of gif’s to be shown on Topshop’s instagram.
I created a 3D textured wall out of different fabrics similar to those in my main graphic visuals and scanned them in so you could see the textures better. These 3D textured walls would be placed around the store to help indicate where Topshop’s christmas collection was within the store. This allows the customer to feel and touch the enviroment around them, incapsulating them in Topshop’s collection.