Toro Financials

  • Mauricio Tonon

Rethinking how to invest online.

In 2016, Huge was asked by Toro Investments for a complete redesign of its online presence. Thinking of a platform that empowers the user, and teaches, instead of just taking your money and investing for you, we created an easy-going intuitive website where you can see and learn from videos, and simulate an investment inside the video with quick interactions. It is an online course platform where you can choose the subject you want to learn, and you then progress in lessons and how you use it in the real world. We also gave consideration in how to present the data and charts in an intuitively clean way to users so that they can understand it all in a quick look.

The client liked so much of our vision that he not only hired us to finalize the project but also wanted us to redesign his entire brand, logo, colors, icons, positioning, and culture.

My role in this project was to execute a full rebranding and to rethink their entire platform.
Work Done:
- Redesigned the video styles
- Directed the photography
- Chose the new typography, new colors, and interaction modes
- Created a whole new video form of teaching, merging interactions with video to create a full experience for the user