Touchy Subject | D&AD Submission for Teen Vogue & The Case for Her

  • Jo Crossley

D&AD brief set by Teen Vogue and The Case For Her, to advocate for female sexual pleasure. Gender equality has been at the forefront of the media and public conversation for a long time. Some areas in this space have seen strides, but the subject of female sexual pleasure and wellness has been deprioritised in sex education, in health research and society as a whole. The Orgasm Gap is a physical reminder that the predominant socialised attitude does not place importance on female pleasure or sexual wellness. The Touchy Subject campaign aims to fix this problem by empowering women and girls to take agency over their own sexual pleasure. We do this by smashing the stigma around female masturbation, raising awareness of women's right to sexual pleasure and educating women and girls on techniques to bring themselves to orgasm. We will foster a community of women and girls sharing their experiences, whilst normalising sexual pleasure and wellness. BRANDING & VISUAL IDENTITY, CAMPAIGN, WEB DESIGN & SOCIAL MEDIA

Our website is the home of our Handy Guide, a groundbreaking approach to sex education that gives advice on technique and educating women and girls about how to give themselves pleasure.

It is also the home of our Confessions page – a safe space for women to talk about their own experiences as well as learning about the experiences of others. The true home of our community and the cornerstone of this project.

The Muff Busters quiz busts some of the elusive myths surrounding female sexual health that it’s time we de-bunked!

The website also has a list of resources that direct those who are keen to learn more to more key sources of information about masturbation that may help them gain a better understanding of the wider issue.
Our Instagram feed features some of our anonymous Confessions and our Handy Guide, as well as some memes thrown in for good measure and to keep things light!

Our integrated campaign on Stories features Q&A’s with health professionals to answer our audiences' questions. Quizzes & polls helps them learn more about the breadth of women’s experiences and encourage conversation. The Wank Bank highlight features top 10 lists of female friendly erotica. Self-love playlists, has songs to get them in the mood. (Anonymous) Confessions from our online community normalise and bust the stigma around female masturbation.

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