Toyota Supra relaunch

  • Jim Stump
  • Oliver Creamer

Giving the 20th Century re-release of Toyota's iconic car a much more sophisticated, sports car reveal campaign to target those most likely to put down a deposit and sell out pre-orders before launch.

Facebook 360° reveal.
To answer all the online hype about features and what the car might look and sound like, we chose not to do the typical 'car in silhouette' reveal but have it jumping out and past you from all directions in this short Facebook 360° experience.
Try it below. Preferably on mobile in Youtube app.
Pre Launch : Camouflaged car design + 'For The Feeling' Comms
Built by Toyota's Gazoo Racing team, off the back of their GT4 car, the Supra was engineered to give you the indescribable feeling you only get from driving a proper sports car.
Reveal :