Tuesday Riddell - Painter specialising in traditional Japanning technique, London, UK

  • Ellen Christina Hancock

“Tuesday creates such richness through japanning, a technique originally developed in the 17th century as a means of imitating Asian lacquer work. Having learned about japanning at City & Guilds Art School as part of the Painter-Stainers’ decorative surfaces fellowship – a programme which seeks to provide students with specialist training in endangered crafts – Riddell uses her work to bring new life to this long-lost craft, creating unsettlingly beautiful scenes of the forest floor from using layers of varnish, lustre powders, and gold and silver leaf. Below, she takes Inigo on a tour of her studio, explaining the intricacies of her labour intensive practice, and how, for her, this particular method has a meaning far beyond tradition.” - words by Anna Souter Editorial Photography for Inigo