Turning the skin inside out

  • Natalie Freear

These images were taken as a part of my personal exploration project during my Art Foundation course. I decided to base my project on skin, both in a physical and psychological sense. I wanted to use my project to encourage individuals to accept their bodies and challenge the narrative that only flawless skin is beautiful. I wanted to create images that celebrated our so-called ‘flaws’ and insecurities, encouraging self-love rather than hatred. I decided to heat-press some images from a previous photoshoot onto transparent material and project them onto my model. I overlaid this with research around the common insecurities people have in their skin and with their bodies. I placed a white sheet over my model to make this more apparent in the photoshoot. The aim of this was to fully expose the internal battles endured by individuals revolving around their skin and insecurities. I wanted to express a sense of ownership towards these vulnerabilities and display the model as taking back her body, protesting the scrutiny of others in society and the media.