TV ad for Ripple Energy

  • Fraser Coupland

Ripple is about people coming together to do incredible things for our planet. The company has been crowdfunded by nearly 4,000 individual investors who share a vision of making clean energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere. By part owning a windfarm. Ripple came to us to define its messaging and create a social ad to drive customer sign-ups. Working closely with the Creative Director on the project, I penned a short 30-second video script that sought to empower viewers on their clean energy journey. Together with our design team, we built a concept that appealed to a sense of collective power - of doing the right thing by making small adjustments in our lives that can add up to major change. The video ended up being a hit with the client. In fact, what started out as a social video very quickly became a full-blown television ad that featured on Sky TV.