TV3 Denmark Christmas Village

  • Robert Horvath
  • Eugenia Martinez Barbazza

Welcome to our hand crafted and 3D printed Christmas village! For this year Christmas ident for Denmark we decided to go back to the traditional danish celebration, but with a modern approach. We 3D printed and built TV3's unique Christmas village "the snelandskab". We reimagine this cool and stylish city, inhabited for "Nisses" traditional naughty gnomes, that bring the magic of Christmas to every home in Denmark.

We start this project with the purpose of creating a unique village that could be achieved in-camera, mixing traditional methods with new techniques as 3D printing, and the most important without CGI.

We develop the concept, styleframes and storyboard. We designed every little element and we were during months modelling, 3D Printing, mould-casting, soldering, wiring and finally we used stop-motion animation to bring to life this magic world. It was a real team effort, and it required a lot of different skills.

Our 3D Printed "Nisses" or little naughty gnomes, together with all the houses, buildings, lamp posts, bridges, trees, the logo, were designed and 3D printed! We did moulds for each different layout to mass-produce them. Then we sand it, painted it, lighted it and used stop-motion to animate it. An extraordinary amount of time (3 months) of non-stop trial and error hard working went into this amazing project that won many awards worldwide.

Have a look at the amazing behind the scenes and making of!