TWIST - Netflix Opening

  • Oliver O'Malley
The Brief

Synopsis: Pavel LeVap is a trickster and illusionist, an American of French / Russian decent (Played by Robin Taylor). Pavel is an aspiring performer but his illusionist skills attract the attention of the criminal underworld and despite his best efforts he is steadily drawn into their world. As he descends into serious crime he simultaneously ascends to fame in the theatres of 1930’s NewYork, drawing ever bigger audiences.
Pavel becomes wrapped up with two love interests, one girl from theatreland (determined to make it big) and the other the daughter of a crime boss. This is a darkly witty drama full of clever comedy and wit. It is aimed at an adult audience to appeal equally to men and women (there are strong female roles). True to its name there are many plot twists - nothing is quite what it seems.
Its about deception, self deception, duplicity and double standards and morality clashing with immorality.