Twitter Mobile World Congress

  • Elizabeth Parker
Twitter Mobile World Congress
Role : Assistant Producer
Agency Credit to Wonderland Events
Objectives & Strategy
To create an engaging, inspiring and unforgettable experience for Twitter’s "SeeWhat's Happening" messaging at Mobile World Congress 2017.
Design an environment to house top-to-top meetings and client hospitality. Design and produce the after party of all afterparties. Bring Twitter to Barcelona!
By day... Wonderland transformed the meeting rooms by bringing in the brand campaign. Key brand messaging was integrated into the design through branding and styling elements.
By night... The most talked about client event at MWC! Wonderland incorporated the newly extended Twitter brand identity into a dramatic lighting scape that dominated the huge space building up to a crescendo as the night continued. Highlights included a ever-changing DJ booth set within the main altar of the space juxtaposing history with state of the art technology.


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