u n k n o w n

  • Rachel Malli
  • Mireille Harper
  • Mel Harper

Photography works on young women of colour and mental health. These photography shots convey the unknown and unfamiliar feeling that come with anxiety and mental and emotional struggle. The feeling of being on edge and bewildered in thoughts, the cause and cure for mental health is yet an unknown and unfamiliar topic to discuss. It is an issue we try to acknowledge yet we feel we need to put our guard up and reject these negative feelings that are desperate to spill and display itself. I have experimented with tone, to illustrate edginess and uneasiness. Focusing on what the person may be feeling or experiencing at low moments. These women in these shots portray power through body stance and angles. This was done on purpose as in reality people come across confident and unbothered yet their inner reality screams insecurities and anxiety. I want to raise awareness on the fact that we need to stay true to ourselves and embrace our truth and what we are feeling deep down. Yes, we must be strong and get through the tough times and be hopeful for a better future. However, let's be aware that our friends and family may appear one way but feel differently within.