UAL 2020 Alumni Package

  • Adam Spratley

Design package for UAL’s Alumni design competition, the design aims to capture the spirit of UAL by representing all 235,000 UAL alumni in an endlessly connecting pattern that is that can be applied in a variety of ways. The illustrated pattern is comprised of 235 K forms, and has the potential for infinite tessellation and growth, serving as a metaphor for the UAL alumni network. Each K can connect with other forms in a multitude of ways, creating a uniquely interconnected, and adaptable pattern. The forms used within the illustration were created using a mix of illustrative craft and digital techniques. As UAL is renowned for its innovative approach, mixing tradition and technology, this seemed to be an excellent articulation of UALs creativity and its pioneering spirit. In addition, the monochromatic nature of my designs echoes UALs current visual identity and the illustrations sit alongside the brand assets with limitless potential for application and development. Using only one colour would also allow for more sustainable printing methods to be applied to the products, a key concern for UAL and its graduates.