Ubisoft - Turbo Bike

  • Léo Sattin
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To promote the new video game TRIAL RISING, Ubisoft asked us to think about an activation as fun as the game. Just like when we were kids and we fixed a can in our bike wheel, we decided to create an exhaust system to fix to your bike so that it looks and sounds like a real biker.

Ubisoft appreciated the idea so much that they decided to integrate it into the game. You can now unlock the Turbobike in the game with a key.
Credits :  Brand : Ubisoft Music : Grown kid Agency : 84.Paris Production : 80Paris Creative Director : Hervé Bienaimé, Olivier Bienaimé Art Director : Léo Sattin Copywriter : Etienne Vaast Producer : Pierre Otmanine  Director : Gaute Hesthagen

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