UCL Greek Play 2020: FROGS

  • Yasmeen Hanif
  • Kelly Mbarga
  • Izzy Skelley

For the annual UCL Greek Play we translated and modernised Aristophanes' 'Frogs' into a witty comedy that envisioned a space where futurism and sci-fi meet the beauty and spirituality of Greek theatre. Five performances were staged at the Bloomsbury Theatre as a commercial production open to the public. I was one of the Assistant Producers for the show and assisted with costume design, budgeting, marketing, producing, script editing and more. This was a very rewarding opportunity to work on modernising and bringing to life an ancient comedy with a fantastic team of creatives and assistants.

Below is the flyer that we used from the get go to promote the show on our social media channels and around campus.
Below are images taken during the dress rehearsal for the final performances. The set was custom designed by our own Ocian Hamel-Smith and costumes sourced and designed by Nnenna Onwuka. All photography credits to Izzy Skelley.
Below are some examples of makeup face charts I created using Photoshop to ensure that all details were planned in advance and consistently executed. As a staged production, bold makeup was essential to ensuring clear viewing and achieving full effect from all parts of the audience.
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