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The UEL Dance Collective is an undergraduate dance performance company.
The company was established in 2015 to offer BA (Hons) Dance: Urban Practice students more performance opportunities, both internally and externally. Each term they bring in a new choreographer to teach. An audition process is taken to ensure that all students gain a fair chance at joining the Collective.
The UEL Dance Collective is about giving the students the chance to take on something new whilst also giving them the chance to perform.
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I was the Social Media Intern/Marketing Assistant during term 1 and 2 for the UEL Collective. There is a new choreographer every term enabling company members to entail a new experience each semester; with a new choreographer there’s also new members. This is due to an audition being held allowing UEL students a great opportunity to take on during their time at the University.

Term 1 - Brian Gillespie - Founder of B-Hybrid Dance Company
Term 2 - Kenrick Sandy - Founder of Boy Blue Entertainment
Term 1 - Brian Gillespie - Founder of B-Hybrid Dance Company:
Brian is a versatile “hybrid” dancer from Ireland. He’s specializes in contemporary dance inspired formed with the hybrid influences and experiences of both himself and the company’s members.
In addition, Brian is also a graduate via the University of East London - BA (Hons) Urban Dance Practice - the same course I had recently graduated from (May 2017). The company was formed in 2012 and continues to bring original concepts and notions to the table with a series of unique dancers with their own form, style and technique in their chosen dance form.
  • Instragram - | Personal - @bri_g_ | B-Hybird - @bhybriddance

  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BHybridDance/
Term 2 - Kenrick "H20" Sandy - Co-Founder / Artistic Director / Choreographer of "B.B.E." Boy Blue Entertainment:
Kenrick also known as “Kenrick h20 Sandy” is the Co-Founder / Artistic Director / Choreographer of Oliver Award winning, U.K. Hip-Hop dance company Boy Blue Entertainment (BBE). Kenrick is a well-known public figure in the dance industry known. He is most known for his work being one of the main choreographers for the Olympic Opening Ceremony; in addition, he has also choreographed for popular idols such as Iceberg Slimm, Shystie, as well as dancing for celebrities including Dizzee Rascal, Victoria Beckham, Sophie Ellis and more!
  • Instangram - | Personal - @kenrickh20sandy | BoyBlue - @boyblueent

  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Kenrick-h20-Sandy-of-Boy-Blue-Entertainment-169981343011992/
Here are some performance pictures taken during the performance via the folllowing:
COLL!DE 2016

MOVE-IT 2017
Below is a screenshot via the footage of P E R M E A B L E - the performance crafted by Brian himself!
Link to video:
Below is a screenshot of a promo video I created in addtion to promoting the company, page and the video to notify all of the new Collective members!

Link to video:


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