Ulysses Publication Book ( ISTD)

  • Noor Rizvi

With the ISTD organization, I chose the brief on Ulysses by James Joyce in 1922. I was inspired by the story that was based on the selected one part of the story which is about the romantic character of Molly Bloom, who was a flirtatious woman and with her background was very sexist and talk about love and sex affair. When I read the story, the language was hard to understand. I designed the A5 publication book based on Molly's bloom character and use her story in my book. It has the theme of bright colour such as yellow and white to depict female humor/ comedy and black typeface to show bold and sexist. Floral and tropical leaves that show to feel like a queen or madam. As a reader, it may sound like a feminist book for women. I illustrated the character of Molly Bloom with my imagination, with the design I was inspired by Art Nouveau, which has a lady figure in demure behavior and floral background that describe their attractiveness toward men. It is 47 pages long, with few of the best pages I picked out.

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