Umbro - Speciali Eternal Launch

  • Lucy Sanderson


Making a classic boot relevant again


Umbro is the authentic football brand, with product campaigns reflecting truths that every player at every level can identify with.
Its ‘For the love of boots’ positioning meant that one particular story stood out as perfect for the launch campaign of its classic Speciali boot.

Creative Approach

Real Madrid and Portugal defender Pepé has famously eschewed bigger names to renew his relationship with the brand he first wore: Umbro. His very first pair of boots was the original Speciali and the story behind those boots was compelling. This had to be the focus of the campaign.
Umbro’s vision for the project was to amplify that story and make a film that was grounded in purity and truth. Rather than fireworks, special effects and showbiz, the focus was something else: relationships – the player and the boot, but also the player and his father.
By filming Pepé and his father talking passionately about this first pair of Speciali (the sacrifices Pepé’s father made to afford them, the dedication young Pepé showed for them and the way they made him feel on the pitch) the launch film captured a pretension-free love for an authentic product.


Viewed in a total of 194 countries, the film has been viewed more than 42,000 times on YouTube. This innovative approach to a launch was featured on blogs and news sites around the world, including Marca, Hypebeast and Bleacher Report.
On Facebook, the video reached around 50,000 users and collected approximately 2,000 interactions such as likes, comments and shares.
“A completely unscripted conversation between father and son felt like the right approach and the tender results have all the authenticity that we had hoped for.”
Paul Nugent Global V P Marketing, Umbro