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Finding Her In Egypt, women make up only 23% of the workforce. Even though the percentage of women in the workforce is so low, the issue still goes largely unnoticed. In three ads, the readers were challenged to find the woman in technology, politics, and science, three up-and-coming industries in Egypt. The main message behind the campaign is to shed light on the importance of equal opportunities for Egyptian women to participate in the labor force and contribute to the development of the Egyptian society. Beazley designs of the year 2017 Wood Pencil, D&AD, Poster Advertising 1 x Bronze, Cannes Lions 6 x Shortlists, Cannes Lions 1 x Silver, The One Show, Craft 1 x Bronze, The One Show, Publishing 3 x Merit, The One Show 2 x Silver, LIA 1 x Bronze, LIA 3 x Gold, Dubai Lynx, Outdoor 3 x Bronze, Dubai Lynx, Print and Publishing In a follow up campaign to help highlight the sad truth that women in Egypt still make up only 23% of the active workforce, UN Egypt hosted a high profile exhibition where two prominent photographers beautifully captured the Egyptian workforce at work. As the exhibition was unveiled and guests made their way through the different journeys depicted in the stunning images, they eventually realized that not one of the photographs had a woman in it.