UN Women - 'Unheard'

  • Marylou Faure
  • Poppy Jamieson
  • Lewis Emmerton
  • The Kitchen
  • George Coffey

Marylou Faure creates unique portraits of trailblazing women from all over the globe for UN Women.

For International Women’s Day 2019, Marylou Faure was invited by UN Women, J. Walter Thompson and WPP to deliver a project that gives a voice to the Unheard stories of incredible women from around the world, fighting for human rights.
The idea was to challenge the culture we live in that teaches us from an early age that high IQ, bravery and entrepreneurship are exclusively male traits.
Marylou created 9 individual portraits of women who have overcome the odds to achieve great things in art, health, peace, politics and environmentalism.
She made sure to express her signature style when portraying these women, highlighting their key characteristics, mannerisms and references to their careers/causes.
For the portrait of Mila Rodriguez, a young musician who promotes peace through an all-women Afro-Colombian music group, Marylou depicted her passion in action by giving her drumsticks and sound waves to create the feeling that comes with what Rodriguez does.
Contextual clues were applied to the other Unheard women as well, such as a microphone for Monira Hwaijeh, co-founder of the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board, and a jug of water for Dilera Mavlonova, advocate for women’s leadership in Kyrgyzstan water management.
The team at KITCHEN brought four of these portraits to life through some wonderful animations which were then shown on the big screens in Time Square, New York.
“It was really an honour to work on a project with UN women, to be given the chance to represent some amazing women and put them in the spotlight. This is exactly the type of project I enjoy doing and I loved seeing all of their faces on time square.”
– Marylou Faure
The whole project was launched for the first time across social platforms through more than $1.5M in pro bono media donations and a takeover in Times Square. The stories can also be heard at unheardwomen.org, and people are encouraged to share them through their social media.