Unbeatable Serena

  • Tarik Fontenelle
  • Carter O'Sullivan

Client: Nike London Service: Network Partnerships Date: June - July 2018


With Serena heading to London for Wimbledon in the summer of 2018, Nike tasked ON ROAD with getting to grips with true Serena fans in London. This meant going deeper into Londoner's affinity with the most decorated tennis player of all time. The brand wanted insights delivered in video format alongside clear, guided learnings to inform the later campaign.


Our insights helped shape the inception of a campaign that integrated partnerships with young Londoners across the capital into its core. Working with the likes of photographer Danika Magdelana and poet Bridget Minamore, the buzz from the project took place in the spaces this audience spend their time: their private group chats, Instagram DMs and Snapchat messages.