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DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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ON ROAD is a strategic research agency that uses immersive insight and creative storytelling to protect, inform and inspire organisations to think differently about how they engage their customers. Leaning on a global network of connectors, creatives and the insatiably curious, the agency uses its unique access to culture and community to carry out candid research in the real world. ON ROAD’s raw, immersive methodology uncovers actionable truths through relationship building, critical exchanges, the relentless collation of cultural collateral and a truly creative approach to ethnography research
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  • NIKE - NOTHING BEATS A LONDONERNike felt they were losing touch with youth across London, giving up key market and cultural equity in a crucial European city. Partnering with advertising agency W+K, ON ROAD were tasked with finding out what makes Londoners aged 15 to 19 really tick in an effort to bring to life the voice of the city's youth in an exciting, irreverent way for the Nike brand. Key within this study was to challenge Nike's preconceived ideas of London youth, to find an opportunity to connect and, crucially, to f
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  • Nike - Unbeatable SerenaAs part of Nike’s campaign to connect Serena Williams to her real fans in London during her return to Wimbledon, we created limited edition ‘Unbeatable Serena’ Tees featuring a poem by Bridget Minamore from Peckham on the back. They were featured on Nike social channels and at the Nike Store on King’s Road - which was turned into ‘Queens Road’ in celebration of Serena’s arrival. We created street signage, OOH and posters for the event.
  • Unbeatable SerenaClient: Nike London Service: Network Partnerships Date: June - July 2018
  • Top 50 Companies to work for in 2020This New Year, do you want to nab that dream job? Well, to kick off 2020 we’ve put together a list of 50 top companies to work for! In order to connect you to lots of brilliant opportunities this year, we formulated this list by asking the community, using insights from company follows, topped off with a dash of our team’s wisdom! Make sure to follow companies that you’re interested in, to stay up to date with events and all-important job opportunities!
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