mid/senior qualitative researchers to join our freelance network!

Lots of opportunities coming up and looking to collaborate with new people!


  • Hi Taro,

    I'm a senior creative strategist, most recently working on Gen Z cultural research and a semiotics project in the tea category. More broadly, I have a wealth of experience spanning mixed methods research, encompassing everything from trend forecasting to creative comms testing. I'd love to hear more about projects you have in the pipeline with a view to collab.

    Drop me an email: e.tramunto@gmail.com if you think I'd be a good fit and I'd be happy to send you my CV/folio.
  • Hi Taro,
    I am a researcher and writer for Fashion Africa Now. My background is in digital content within fashion, and now expanding to anthropological spheres. I'd like to send examples of my work. I have added you as a contact. I hope we can discuss further.
  • Hi Taro,

    I'm a freelance writer/researcher and editor. I'd love to be added to your freelance network. Please see my portfolio here: https://www.taliramsey.com/

    Thank you :)
  • Hi Taro, I am a freelance writer with solid qualitative research ethics. You may view my background at linkedin.com/in/vishanka-gandhi . I would love to know more about the project! Feel free to DM me or email me at vishanka@souce-driven.com.
  • Hey Taro!

    I'd be interested in learning more on this. I'm a writer and creative researcher with 5+ years experience compiling research on culture and the arts. You can view my portfolio here: sonnyandhispen.com
  • Hi Taro, my name's Isabel - I'm a freelance cultural researcher and I'd love to here more about this opportunity. I've added you so we can talk further!
  • Hi there! I'm a creative strategist with 7 years experience in consumer trend forcasting with an expertise in fashion, most recently working for WGSN. I'm currently freelance and looking for exciting collaborations. I've just added you as a contact! Would love to chat further.

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