Une Lumiére Dans l’Obscurité

  • Samuel Gibbs
“Une Lumiére Dans l’Obscurité” which translates from French to English as “A Light In The Dark” was a book I created in the 3rd year of my university course.
It documents and evaluates the seemingly strong return of the 80’s, going through subjects from the 80’s, Which modern reading material, films & music are inspired by the 80’s now, - and where the scene known as ‘Retro-Wave could be headed’.
The project contains 60 pages in a staple-bound book which is slotted inside a vinyl-sized sleeve. The book contains approximately 3000 words, and three interviews with ‘Retro-Wave’ designers and musicians. Each interview was also an approximate thousand more words, which helped my end result to create an information booklet on the “Retro-Wave” scene.