Samuel Gibbs

Samuel Gibbs

Freelance Graphic DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
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Samuel Gibbs

Samuel Gibbs

Freelance Graphic DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
About me
I have a keen eye for placement & symmetry and I love classical art periods, and a simple lager in the sun.
  • Une Lumiére Dans l’Obscurité
    Une Lumiére Dans l’Obscurité“Une Lumiére Dans l’Obscurité” which translates from French to English as “A Light In The Dark” was a book I created in the 3rd year of my university course. It documents and evaluates the seemingly strong return of the 80’s, going through subjects from the 80’s, Which modern reading material, films & music are inspired by the 80’s now, - and where the scene known as ‘Retro-Wave could be headed’. The project contains 60 pages in a staple-bound book which is slotted inside a vinyl-sized sleev
  • Septem In Aeternum (+18) NSFW.
    Septem In Aeternum (+18) NSFW.Septem was a 170 page A5 booklet I created as my end of year project in second year. Its the most substantial bit of work I’ve ever created, and led me towards my love of editorial design. I based a lot of it around latin and the original meanings of each sin; Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, lust, Envy, & Gluttony. Each section is deliberitely hard-hitting, with some spreads in Wrath for example demonstrating pure gore & mass genocide, and Lust being seen as pure nudity, poetry & sex. My only set-back with this project was cost; I initally wanted to have each section printed on different material - For example, having Wrath printed on leather with real blood soaked into the pages, Greed printing on money, and Lust printed on skin or felt. There was no possible way I could’ve achieved this with my current budget, so I seperated each section through colour schemes instead.
  • The Four Horsemen
    The Four HorsemenMy first MA project was under the topic of shapes, each student was to pick at random a shape out of a hat, the choices were circle, triangle and square. I picked square. I intially looked at a geometric route for the projcet, which lead me into square numbers and cubic crystal formations. Unfortunately, I had researched all I could and designed numerous things from the topic of quartz & crystals before, in my Silica book. Thus forcing me to research more into something different, - a religious/spiritual route. The idea for the horsemen came from biblical depictions of the number 4. I wanted to create something heavenly and celestial out of the darkness that’s written within revelations. I attempted to turn each horemen into a pristine diety, bringing their trademark associations to life around them.
  • Silica
    SilicaSilica is a project for my second year of university, the brief we were given was to create a book, for any subject we desired. My original subject was general crystals after realising it was far too broad to do a small book on, I narrowed it down to just different types of quartz and their own spiritual qualities & properties. The book was designed as a 21cm x square and consisted of 50 pages. It was originally planned to be a hard-back book with cut-outs and gold leaf inlaying on certain elements.
  • W.A.O: Campaign
    W.A.O: CampaignThe W.A.O campaign was something I decided to create for a 3rd year university brief given to us by D&AD Awards. For this particular ‘Monotype’ sub-brief we had to choose a subject we felt passionately about, and use typography as a means of taking the subject forward and making people more aware. I chose Catcalling as it’s something I deteste immensely and thought it would be an interesting subject to focus on. I’ve always been a strong believer that feminism is extremely important, and has been for centuries. At the time of the brief I was in shock as I realised how increasingly common negatives views of feminism were, I wanted to make those who were close to me more aware of the disgustingly hurtful outcomes that catcalling and anti-feminist movements can have on a person in their life. The campaign consists of a large-format poster, (designed to be placed at bus-stops and billboards across he nation), a website homepage, and a small digital banner to be placed on other websites linking it to the W.A.O home page. The web page is designed to look simple and clean, & as you scroll down the page, the parallax scrolling forces the flowers & the other elements to flourish and bloom onto the page.
  • The Wanderer
    The WandererA brief poster experiment for an upcoming university exhibition.
Work history
    Oxford, United KingdomFull Time
    I worked freelance for Monchü up until July when I was brought in full-time. Since then I have used my skills to bring new clients in, design innovative and refreshing work, and help brand some core organisations within the county of Oxfordshire.
    Composer & ProducerIcarus Project
    Southampton, United KingdomFreelance
    I create 80’s synth music on a weekly basis. I currently have four albums on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.
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  • Graphic Communication
    Master’s Degree, Visual CommunicationSouthampton Solent
    Southampton, United Kingdom
    BA(Hons) First Class Graphic DesignSouthampton Solent
     - Southampton, United Kingdom
    3 year BA course, totalling around 20 separate units/briefs all together.