W.A.O: Campaign

  • Samuel Gibbs
The W.A.O campaign was something I decided to create for a 3rd year university brief given to us by D&AD Awards. For this particular ‘Monotype’ sub-brief we had to choose a subject we felt passionately about, and use typography as a means of taking the subject forward and making people more aware. I chose Catcalling as it’s something I deteste immensely and thought it would be an interesting subject to focus on.
I’ve always been a strong believer that feminism is extremely important, and has been for centuries. At the time of the brief I was in shock as I realised how increasingly common negatives views of feminism were, I wanted to make those who were close to me more aware of the disgustingly hurtful outcomes that catcalling and anti-feminist movements can have on a person in their life.
The campaign consists of a large-format poster, (designed to be placed at bus-stops and billboards across he nation), a website homepage, and a small digital banner to be placed on other websites linking it to the W.A.O home page. The web page is designed to look simple and clean, & as you scroll down the page, the parallax scrolling forces the flowers & the other elements to flourish and bloom onto the page.