UNICORN : Issue 1 / Myth

  • Lev Alexander
  • Ana Pinto
  • Harry Thory
  • Lucy Everett

59% of young LGB people are bi. There are more bi people than lesbians and gays combined but no-one talks to them, hears them, or gives them a platform to express their identity well. Bi Pride UK launched the world's first bi arts & culture magazine - UNICORN. The content in the first issue is as diverse as you can get; photography, music, illustrations, animations, poetry, articles, opinion pieces, and a cover with a ridiculous amount of bi lighting involved. The first issue is themed around ‘Myth’. Artists from Central America, South Africa, and all over the UK took this theme and either made art with it, or talked about what ‘Myth’ means to them. An incredible article from singer and producer Nalu talked about the myth of womxnhood and exploring sexuality in LGBTQ+ RnB and Hip Hop. Blogger Finley explained the myths of being a gay transgender man, which talks about bisexuality also. Illustrator Bee Anderson offered up some awesome queer illustrations as well as a bespoke ‘Myth’ peice. And so many more. For our first issue ‘Myth’, we put self-proclaimed ‘femme renaissance’ performer Victoria on our front cover with her amazing cover story titled, ‘Mythical bis, threesomes, and fingers in pies’. As you can guess from the title, it is an epic article on the myth of being bi, the struggles with identity, threesomes and orgies, and making awesome art along the way.

The digital magazine has been made with zero funding but entirely by the support of the artists involved in the first issue. Each piece was donated to this community run project. It will remain a non-profit entity supported by Bi Pride UK. Any profit generated from the digital magazine in the future will go straight back into the community through Bi Pride UK. As part of Bi Pride UK’s mission to support bi people with our pride events, we also wanted to give them a space online to be visible and inspire others.
The cover shoot was produced in the flat of the CD of UNICORN, studio lights stuck with bin bags, and held together with bits of neon tape from a rave.

The colours of the spotlights and background were a blend of purples, pinks, and blues, bi lighting.
Photographer Ana Pinto had a unique way of creating blurry dream-like finishes to the raw images. She used a translucent plastic face mask in front of the lens.
While we shot the cover, the Executive Editor of UNICORN also interviewed the cover star Victoria for the article. The end product was an epic journey through different takes on 'Myth', threesomes, orgies, and making badass feminist art.

Read the full article at https://biprideuk.org/2019/12/21/mythical-bis-threesomes-and-fingers-in-pies-with-victoria-falconer/

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