• Victoria Barrell
  • Alice Secchi
  • Georgia Quinn
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Who are modern-day ‘witches’? From the Salem Witch trials of the 1600s to the Iranian femicide continuing today, women have been condemned and killed for not conforming to patriarchal social systems (or for simply just existing). Whether it be their gender expression, an unorthodox career choice, sexuality or simply for exploring their independence, femicide still haunts us worldwide. Witch hunts nowadays may not be exactly like what we learn in school about being burnt at the stake or hung for sorcery, but punishments today often manifest in the form of; rape, physical violence, and imprisonment. (As well as more subtle forms of misogynistic oppression socially engrained into everyday life). It is crucial to our survival to celebrate the ‘Witch’ inside all of us, whether you are rebelling against government systems or reclaiming and reforming stereotypes, we will continue to embrace ‘unorthodox’ women.