• Valerie Bungener Relmy

For this branding project, the original brief was to create a brochure to promote the series of talks about BACTERIA. From there, an extensive range of collaterals was developed to create a complete consistent identity for the event and collaterals were developed for the client, targeting a contemporary and open-minded demographic. The specific talk selected was "BACTERIA, tiny wonders and single-cell wonders".

Sciences could be quite intimidating and inaccessible. Engaging with the target audience and beyond was crucial. A refreshing and unexpected colour story was created to add a subtle touch to the scientific world and break pre-made ideas surrounding bacteria and other tiny living organisms. The organic sinuous lines translate the idea of time-lapsed frequencies whilst the repetition portrays the idea of colonisation.  The inconspicuous graphic elements mimic the bacteria universe.
To promote the event, I imagined and developed a fully responsive website. The interface was carefully developed with the target audience in mind. The colour scheme, typography and look and feels were consistently applied and adapted to ensure a flawless brand identity across the board.