• Clara Saez Calabuig
  • Madison Tetchner
  • Dejana Draganić
  • Beatriz Prata

Traditionally, 3rd-year Camberwell Graphic Design students host a work-in-progress exhibition halfway through their final year. Due to the pandemic, this was not possible for us so we created a website to showcase the work of 60 students who were, at the time, dotted around the world. We aimed to unify the work, yet allow each creative’s character to shine through. We also made an A2 promotional poster sent to places as far as Peru, Shanghai and Portugal!


The logotype, set in Glyphworld, represents the eclecticism and variety of disciplines and themes in the work of our student cohort. The colour palette evokes nature, to contrast the overwhelmingly digital world we found ourselves in when developing this work. The website structure takes inspiration from the video calls and online studio walls we shared our work in (Microsoft Teams + Padlet), and the site invites the audience to join each student’s digital room to see a snippet of their developmental work. In the poster and social media, we played around with 3D letters and animation, to further explore the eclectic character of the typeface.