Urban Outfitters x Sergio Tacchini Collaboration

  • Joseph Hayes
  • Josephine Gowans-Eglinton
  • Sandra Gormley

Campaign for Urban Outfitters collaboration with Sergio Tacchini. 3D Photography + Cinemagraphs + Animation + Music / Sound by me. I designed and created a series of loop-able moving images, videos and 3D GIFS with retro video game backgrounds. The brief called for a fictitious Sergio Tacchini moto-racer 16bit game. The model was placed into various levels and screens of the game. Accompanying description for videos : 1 - Power up Screen ident 2 - Score Board *Press Start To Begin* 3 - Player Select I 4 - Player Select II 5 - Stage 1 - 'Crystalline Peaks' Race through the lush mountain scenery to prove your worth against the seasoned racers. 6 - Stage 7 - 'Serenity Bay at Sunset' The pink sky illuminates the crystal clear waters and smooth tarmac ahead of you. Reach an inner calm to beat your opponents. 7 - Final Stage; 'Dice City' Its now or never, go full throttle. Leave the 'Hog Skulls' in the dust and exact righteous justice 8 - Finishing Flag.. Congratulations You have now completed the Sergio Tacchini Racer