uunn. Disrupting The Oral Care Market

  • Jessy Gill

The curiosity sparked. How well is your mouth? Do you know if your plaque is at a healthy level? Whether you’re brushing correctly or whether your mouth is happy? Welcome uunn. A self-care platform dedicated to the most intimate part of your body, your mouth. uunn, born to support an online and offline community by putting them in the know about their oral health whilst helping them improve it. The difference made. Based on several years of ethnographic user testing with an array of participants, I developed the brand platform and experience ecosystem for the world’s first health tracker for your teeth. Commended by dentists, desired by leading technology and pharmaceutical brands and adored by communities. To be launched in 2019. London. Acting as uunn's in-house Brand Director I formed part of the go-to-market team, with co-founders Gina and Hawaa, to bring uunn's purpose and mission to life: Our Mission To change people’s relationships with their own teeth. To shift the collective mindset from cure to prevention. From fear and apprehension to enjoyment and satisfaction. From a chore to an added step of self-care. The conversation shouldn’t just be about aesthetics and expenses. What matters are clean teeth. Our end goal? A world full of people diving into life, chin up and smile out. Become part of the community by engaging in the dialogue and pre-ordering your uunn now: https://www.instagram.com/we.are.uunn/ https://www.uunn.co.uk