Vagina Museum #OpenSoon

  • Nathalie Gordon
  • Amy Fasey

63 artists who worked for free. 17 countries reached. 6 public complaints. 4 months of working in our spare time. 3 lowly Creatives. 2 generous media partners (LondonLites and JackArts). 1 museum in need of help. Zero budget. And just like that Amy Fasey Jacob Hellström and I raised over £18,000 for The Vagina Museum. Just because we wanted to.

In a drive to keep The Vagina Museum (the world's first bricks and mortar museum of the gynaecological anatomy) open and keep it spreading knowledge, empowering women and people with vulvas, and raising awareness of social justice and public health - something the public just cannot afford to lose, myself Amy Fasey, Jacob Hellström approached Director Florence Schechter in May, offering our help for free in our spare time. A side hustle some might say.

Together we reached out to artists of different genders, sexualities, nationalities and disciplines to ask if they would create a piece of original art for the Museum to be sold with all proceeds going back to the Museum in a bid to keep it open.

On September 1st, we launched their ‘Open Soon’ campaign, which not only announced the news of their reopening on October 3rd but also tried to raise some much-needed funds in the process through a silent art auction.

In the end, 63 artists created unique pieces based on the vagina. From embroidered textile banners from Millie Sewell-Knight to line drawing of public hair from Mr. Bingo to gold leaf covered clay casts of the clitoris from Merissa Hylton to a queer self-portrait from Ezra Smith, the breath of original pieces available is truly unique.