Vans - Fearless on your feet

  • George Orton

Problem Balance Confidence is the extent to which a person believes they can engage in an activity without falling. As people get older their balance confidence takes a huge knock. 56% of elderly people restrict their activities as they’re afraid of falling and they’re less likely to take part in social events like walking & shopping. This results in depression, helplessness, social isolation. Insight Stability creates more confidence within the elderly, Vans shoes have non-slip soles meaning there is a reduced chance of having a fall. The combination of non-slip soles and a brand with brave and fearless morals can help the elderly gain confidence in their stride. Solution Educate the elderly on the non-slip soles and give them tips to stay confident on their feet. Vans creates confidence. The series of print ads will be placed in locations like bus shelters, magazines and newspapers to try and reach the older audience. The print ads will be supported by a form of direct mail. This aims to educate the elderly about how to gain confidence and make the most out of their life. It will be included in all Vans shoe boxes and also sent out through the post. By doing these exercises once a day they will build strength and most importantly, bravery. The direct mail should lead them online where they can find out more about what Vans is trying to achieve as well as obtain a discount code for the shoes.


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